Originally, in 2005, EFCL was given the mandate to provide project management services for the School Construction Programme and District Education Offices of the Ministry of Education. In March 2008 the School Repairs and Maintenance Programme was added to EFCL's portfolio. In keeping with this new addition to its mandate the first official Repair Programme commenced under the July/August 2008 Vacation Repair Programme (VRP).

EFCL continues to work to elevate the level of existing Schools to a much improved standard.  EFCL's Repairs and Maintenance programme consists of electrical repairs, plumbing works, roof and ceiling works, sewer repairs, pest eradication, painting and sanitisation works.  

Repairs are executed in Schools in the seven (7) education districts of Caroni, North Eastern, Port of Spain and Environs, South Eastern, St George East, St Patrick and Victoria.  

Snapshots of recently completed Repairs and Maintenance works are profiled.  

Mafeking Government Primary School - Improvement of the washroom facilities being completed Poole River Presbyterian Primary School - Rubble drain being constructed Poole River Presbyterian Primary School - Soakaway under constructed Pt. Fortin Anglican Primary School - Installation of UV light St. Dominics R C Primary School - Installation of sinks